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Heather J. Crider

My goal is to provide practical and easy to implement ways for you to handle any adversity that comes in your life so you can overcome, rise up and become the person you were meant to be. 

Motivation will only get you so far.  Knowing your why will only get you so far.  The real change comes from inspiration and knowing who you are meant to be. When you discover your who, you can then take inspired action, getting the results and life you’ve always dreamed. 

GO REFLECT YOURSELF was born out of a candid conversation where a group of colleagues and I were talking about how to have the best business and life possible. As a joke I just said, it’s easy “Go Reflect Yourself”. What was an innocent comment became a serious topic on self-reflection, growth mindset, and how our thoughts can predict our future success. 

“My wish for you is to learn just one new thing that can help you in some aspect of your life.”
  • Increase Resilience

  • Increase Adaptability

  • Reduce Stress

  • Increase Engagement

  • Increase Connectivity

  • Increase Productivity

  • Increase Well-Being

  • Enhance Communication

  • Increase Focus

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