Do You Ever Have Impostor Syndrome?

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Do You Ever Have Impostor Syndrome?

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Have you ever thought about someone who just looked like they had all their ‘stuff’ together…that no matter what they did, it just seemed perfect?  

Then only to compare yourself and feel like a fraud or an impostor…?
🙋‍♀️I’ll raise my hand here because I’ve struggled with this…more than I care to admit.
When we start to peel back some of the masks we wear, it’s hard to admit that we don’t feel our authentic selves.  

In fact, it’s hard to admit that some days, putting on a mask and pretending to be someone else is the only thing that gets us through the day. 

It doesn’t have to be this hard. But to NOT feel like an impostor, understanding how you feel and how you’re showing up is key. 

But first, know, you’re not alone. 

I always thought I was the only person who had these thoughts and feelings.

This is why I recorded this episode of Go Reflect Yourself to discuss impostor syndrome. 

Please do me a favor, check out the episode and let me know what you think!



To truly have the life you want; the career, house, family, relationships, car, lifestyle, wealth, freedom, you name it….you must learn what success is and where it comes from, starting with how you think.

Welcome to The Go Reflect Yourself Podcast, where we provide 60-second brain-based strategies for your success; in all key areas of your life, including wealth, health, business, relationships, etc. 

Go Reflect Yourself was created after years of being a corporate employee and an independent business owner. 

Throughout all of those years, I learned that no matter what level of success people had achieved, and specifically financial success, typically they were still missing something, missing true joy, well-being, and fulfillment. 

I’ve spent a career helping business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs learn the skills needed to discover their inner brilliance, and that’s how Go Reflect Yourself was born…my goal is to help as many as possible learn the necessary skills to achieve ultimate fulfillment and well-being.

Your host, Heather J. Crider, CEO of Digital Architect Media, high-performance strategist, neurocoach, author, and speaker, discusses Impostor Syndrome in today’s episode. 


A few key takeaways from this episode:

  • What is impostor syndrome?
  • Impostor syndrome comes from a negative place in our heads. 
  • When you focus on your heart and focus on serving others, you can be a light rather than being stuck. 
  • Are you caring about helping others? 
  • Comparing yourself to someone else’s success is wasted time and effort.
  • YOU are the only YOU.
  • You are unique and valuable.
  • You give others from your heart; even when you are wearing a mask, it won’t be received as a mask.
  • How to stop comparing yourself to others.
  • Self-awareness is difficult but necessary to grow. 
  • No matter what your circumstances, your choices, or your past has been, YOU ARE NOT YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES. 

Tune in and as you watch or listen to this special episode.  Pause every 5-10 minutes and mindfully reflect on what you just heard.  Write down your thoughts, then yawn and stretch before proceeding.



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If there is something you hear in this episode that inspires you, please leave a comment or submit a contact us form and tell me all about it, I’d love to hear from you.

If there is something you hear in this episode that inspires you, please leave a comment or submit a contact us form and tell me all about it, I’d love to hear from you.

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