The Gift of Solitude (Special Guest: Roz Savage)

Roz Savage The Gift of Solitude with Heather Crider and Envisioning your future

The Gift of Solitude (Special Guest: Roz Savage)


In order to truly have the life you want; the career, house, family, relationships, car, lifestyle, wealth, freedom, you name it….you must learn what success is and where it comes from, starting with how you think.

In today’s episode your host, Heather J. Crider, CEO of Digital Architect Media, high-performance strategist, neurocoach, author, and speaker, interviews world-class adventurer, author, and speaker, Roz Savage

So often we desire to have an amazing quality of life. One where we are firing on all cylinders in each key area; personal, financial, professional, etc. However, it doesn’t always work out that we get all we desire. Maybe life is great personally, but not so great financially, or vice versa. Do we notice what’s going on? Do we ignore our dissatisfaction? How are these ‘imbalances’ affecting all areas of our lives?

Even amongst times when stress is higher and uncertainty is all around us, this is the perfect time to reflect on who we are and how we show up. It’s a perfect time to start and examine all areas of our life and more importantly, our reactions. This is when we must stop and ask some tough questions. Are we really happy? Are we living a life that fulfills us? Are we sabotaging our success with stories in our heads to protect us from certain emotions? Let’s face it, asking these questions can be hard work sometimes. Even more so, when we feel overwhelmed or especially uncertain about our futures, how do we even start to ask these questions?

Listen to this episode on The Go Reflect Yourself Podcast where Roz Savage, a former management consultant, started a journey with some simple questions about her future. Once she started reflecting, she realized the life path she was on was not one that filled her up. Her journey led her to a radical career change becoming a world-class adventurer embarking on voyages of long periods of solitude, becoming the first (and so far, only) female to row solo across the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. 

She had to redefine her comfort zone on a daily basis and reach deep into her inner sources of strength, self-discipline, and commitment. 

Listen now to learn more about Roz’s story as well as how to embrace solitude, increase resilience, and stretch beyond your comfort zone for long-lasting change.

In this episode, we discuss the power of solitude and how to start self-reflecting to learn more adaptability, resilience, and how to survive amongst the worst storms we encounter.

In this episode of Go Reflect Yourself, Roz and I uncover what it takes to make courageous reflective decisions. 

What you’ll learn:

  • Why you should take time to journal and reflect
  • How to succeed by creating a life of your dreams
  • Why success depends on your ability to have awareness
  • How to enhance your awareness
  • How to listen to your intuition
  • How to survive in solitude
  • How to self-reflect and learn resilience 
Tune in and as you watch or listen to this special episode.  Pause every 5-10 minutes and mindfully reflect on what you just heard.  Write down your thoughts, then yawn and stretch before proceeding.

To learn more about Roz Savage, visit her website

Curator of TEDxStroudWomen:

Doctoral candidate, University of Middlesex: “Transformative Leadership in a Climate of Disruption”

Founder of The Sisters Global www.TheSisters.Global

Yale World Fellow

Author “The Gift of Solitude”

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