Why Your Confidence Suffers (Special Guest: Kimmy Seltzer)

Episode #14 Why Your Confidence Suffers With Special Guest Kimmy Seltzer and Host Heather J. Crider Go Reflect Yourself Podcast

Why Your Confidence Suffers (Special Guest: Kimmy Seltzer)


In order to truly have the life you want; the career, house, family, relationships, car, lifestyle, wealth, freedom, you name it….you must learn what success is and where it comes from.

In today’s episode your host, Heather J. Crider, CEO of Digital Architect Media, high-performance strategist, neurocoach, author, and speaker, interviews dating and image expert, Kimmy Seltzer

Why does your confidence suffer, and what to do about it?
How you look on the outside can affect your inside thoughts and confidence.

In this episode, we discuss why your external appearance has such an impact on your internal thoughts and confidence, despite what we usually think.



What you’ll learn:

  • Why style and appearance have such an impact on how you feel internally.
  • It likely has an even bigger impact than you think.
  • Why color affects our mood and psychology around colors.
  • How to be more confident and comfortable being seen.
  • It is important to remove distractions so you can be authentically you.
Tune in and as you watch or listen to this special episode.  Pause every 5-10 minutes and mindfully reflect on what you just heard.  Write down your thoughts, then yawn and stretch before proceeding.

Kim Seltzer is a confidence therapist and authentic dating specialist. In her business, Elite Image Makeovers, she helps her clients with their style along with their emotional and social intelligence. They find the root of where their fear of being seen started and break down those barriers so their most confident self can shine through. 

Website: https://eliteimagemakeovers.com/

Podcast: https://charismaquotient.libsyn.com/

Blog: https://eliteimagemakeovers.com/adviceblog/

IG:  https://instagram.com/kimmyseltzer

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kimmyseltzer/



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